Learn from mistakes and forgive it

Everybody make mistakes now and we as a human being cannot run from mistakes. Whether we in purpose to do mistake or not in purpose. So the best thing to deal with it is forgive all mistakes. If everyone do this, then we can live in peace. Try not to follow our anger and passion to take revenge. Revenge will cause many more problems actually, and maybe someone not guilty will get in trouble too. Because usually, when someone wants to take revenge, he cannot think wisely and just follow his/her anger without realise it.

But for those who always like to make mistakes, don't take this chance to do more mistakes and let others forgive you. That's not wise and you will be punished for what you have done. No body can run and hide from punishment later.

So leave to the authority to solve cases and don't try to take action by ourselves by punishing people. We are not a superman and we are not so powerful to be a superhero. Let the pros do the job and we just pray to God. And if others give us just a small trouble, let's learn to forgive. There are so much wisdom in forgiveness. And it is one of a beauty in human character. We can also learn from the mistakes because mistakes will give us experience that will stay firm in our mind. We can easier remember of what we've done wrong and that will make us easier to remind the situation.

And forgiveness are more better especially to the mistakes that have done not in purpose. Because we know that everybody make mistakes include us. And if we forgive others mistakes that are not in purpose, then later others will forgive us too hopefully. That's the mutual in life.

I know it's not easy to forgive, but it will brings more benefits to life and more peacefulness. Let's control our mind to be more peaceful than always think of how to seek for troubles. And if we always train ourselves to be a forgiveful person, then later we can be easily to forgive people. Start now, control our mind and be in peace. :)



Hi I like your Post About Mistake and forgiveness.

you are right everybody makes mistakes and many of them realize it after they made mistake. when you realize your mistake you will learn from it, not to repeat it again.
take care my friend

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