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System Tweak

Vista Transformation Pack v 6.0 - Turn your Windows XP to Vista look

Seven Transformation pack v 2.0 - Turn your Windows XP , 2003 or Vista to Windows 7 look

RegCleaner Download Now! (540KB)
Jouni Vuoro Software

RegCleaner is an easy to use program. With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you have destroyed ages ago. And by easily, I mean easily. You don´t have to be any expert to use this program.


Anti Virus

AVG Free 7.5.484 (Aug 07)

BitDefender Free 10.0 (Aug 07)

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Digital Image Recovery

File Recovery

Pandora Recovery - Data recovery.

Smart Data Recovery - Recovers deleted files from FAT and NTFS drives.

Smart Flash Recovery - Recovers deleted files from flash drives using FAT16/32.


Zone Alarm free 7.1.078 (Jun 07) - Control access for each application; log files. Highly configurable.

Comodo Firewall Beta (Aug 07)

AShampoo Firewall 1.20 (Apr 07)


Ad-Aware Free (Aug 07)

Malware Destroyer (Mar 07) - Detects and removes common antivirus/spyware infections.

Free Fixer 2.0 (Aug 16) - Scans for potential spyware and unwanted programs.




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