The world is like a rubbish

I think you must be surprised after looking at this topic right? And i know that there are also many of you have already understood about it. As we all know, all things in this temporary world will come to the end. All living things will meet death, all machine will come to corrupt time, all plants will die and so on. So all things someday will be a rubbish, in simple word.

You buy a new television today, yet someday it will become old and also will be a rubbish after it damaged. You buy a new handphone, but a few years after this it will become an old fashion and may be you will throw it in a thrash as a rubbish. So everything will be a rubbish someday and all of those are the entity in this world. So that's the world actually, the world is just like a rubbish. Life after dead is the eternal life and the real life for eternity.

So why still want to snatch others properties? Why still want to invade others territories? Why still want to kill people just to get more real estate, gold, money and so on like you gonna live for thousands years? Come on brothers and sisters, let us live in peace and worship the one and only God, The Almighty. :)

So if we think thoroughly, is it wise to bulk the wealth just to fullfill our lust and passion than living happily and harmony altogether with other people? Is it wise to be greedy? Try to inhale and take a deep breath and think, why am i so greedy and for what? If we think there are no one that see us do an evil work, having bad intent, self-oriented only, so we are absolutely wrong indeed. The angels always watch us and Allah is The Al-Seeing. Allah is The Al-Knowing and He knows everything even a single tick in our heart.

Be kind to human being, be kind to the plants, be kind to the animals, and our soul will experience peace, insyaAllah. So stop fighting each others, stop racing, stop snatching, stop the madness to money and stop hunting for the world. Modesty is the best policy.




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