Why chase the world? Let us chase heaven

Why people usually struggle to collect so much money? Struggle to have billions in banks. Struggle to build a huge house? Struggle to have many womens and so on? Didn't we know that this world is only temporary? Nowadays, it's normal for people to die in age of 80. And not less that die in earlier ages.

So how come we still want to struggle to collect lots of money just for ourselves and our family? While there are many peoples are hungry, homeless, really need money for life , to pay for study and so on? How come we can still sleep in happiness with lots of money in our bank? While there are so many people facing death and troublesome because of bad economy?

Why we chase to live in luxurious in this temporary world? If we died, we will not bring our real estate with us, trust me! We will leave it all here. Not even 1 cent we will bring. And yet people still killing each others for money? Still killing each others to grab the real estate from others. What is going on with us? Where is our humanity? Where is our love and mercy to other people? We came from the same father and mother. Our father and mother are Adam and Eve.

This world is only lent to us by God. So why don't we struggle to get God's love? And there is no God except Allah. God will not be 2, 3 , 4 and so on. He is only one and He is unlike the creatures because He creates so. He is always near us but we always neglect Him. So sad for us, and more even sad for people that blame God for what happen. :( That's a human bad behaviour, blame God when get trouble. We forgot all the enjoyable and pleasure we got before. We forgot that we still have eyes, ears, hands, legs and so many pleasure. We forgot that trouble that come to us is a test to see whether we are patient or not. And also as a lesson to us.

Don't you know with the power of God, He can torcher us anytime from long time ago? He has the power that nobody can imagine except Him. He can do anything, but He still gives people pleasure. People that always commit sin also get pleasure, because He is testing us. "He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed: and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving." - Surah Al-Mulk, verses 2.

So why we still want to chase the world? Come friends, let us choose the eternal life in heaven. Only with Allah's permission we can enter the heaven. We are only a servant in this temporary world. We will not live forever in the earth. Maybe tomorrow, next week, next month we will die. So let us praise to the Creator of all creatures and worship Him. Be a good person and help others as we can. Get to know which is the right path, before it's all too late. Allah gives us a brain for us to use it carefully and think deeply. Peace and justice for all :)



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