Who must we love most?

Who must we love most? I know everybody got their own perception of who must they love most. But for me as a muslim, my perception of who must we love most is like what i'm gonna write here. And of course it's not like Romeo and Juliet story or whatever but it's relevant with the relationship with our God and all the creatures.

The number one love is love to God (Allah) because He always take care and be with us when others are sleep or forget about us. Allah is not feel tired, sleepy and so on like a human. Allah is so closed to us more closer than our own throat even we cannot see Him because our eyes (that just stay in our 2 eyes hole) are too weak to see the power of God. And He did so for us cannot see him yet in this temporary world. And He only will reveal Himself after the judgment day for whoever He wants. He loves who loves Him and obey what He commands. What else more valuable than being loved by the Creator and owner of all things?

He is so powerful and He always knows every seconds from the beginning to the end of time of what’s going on. He gave us so much benefits and pleasures but only a few thanks to Him of what He had done. He will remember us more than we remember Him. He is The Most Gracious The Most merciful. That's why He did not burden human of what human can't afford it. He can torcher us all the time from long time ago, no body can't stop Him from doing whatever things, but He did not do so. He gives us so many benefits and pleasures in this world but so sad many still not thanks to Him and even there are so many human also blame God of what is going on. That's so ashame with that kind of human :(

Just try to imagine, if you create a robot or something, then that robot blame you, not hearing what you are saying, protest you and so on, do you feel mad and angry of that? So think about that dear human, we are just a servant of God, so we are not have rights to protest, blame or whatever to God. If not, we're just putting ourselves into trouble after we're dead sooner or later. Just know that all what Allah's did got their own wisdom (hikmah) along.

And second love prophet Muhammad S.a.w (because he always love and miss all his ummah, and he taught us the best Way Of Life to follow), his companions and other prophets including Jesus (Isa ibnu Maryam).

And then love our parents that were not bored to take care of us since we’re born and we’re always in their heart. Then love who loves you for the sake of God and love all His creations including animals, plants and so on. :)



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