Rich and poor people

If we ask people, everybody will say that they want to be rich right? But how rich they want to be, we cannot measure it. Some people want to be like Donald Trump, Bill Gates and some people just want to be an ordinary rich man. But do all rich people live in happiness? So if they don't live in happiness, what are the function of their real estate to them?

What exactly the target of people that still don't satisfy with so much real estate they get? They want to own this world? But for what? Is that can help us to live for eternity? Is that can help us to live in happiness after life? Of course not, because when we die, we didn't bring our real estate or our money with us. We just bring our good deeds in this world with us to help us after life.

So will you live in happiness if you got so much money, but your neighbours hungry for food? Will you live in happiness while there are lots of people that are our relatives living in economical problems? What is happiness really are for you? Don't you ever think of that?

Maybe you can say, that's their problems living in hungriness. That's their problem suffer a problem or something. You are not responsible for that. But do you know something? Without other people's effort, without other people's work, maybe you cannot get your money that you own right now. Your money actually is not really your money. It's a gift from God, and you just hold the trust because He wants to see to where you will spend the money.

There are no rich people if there are no poor people.There are no managers if there are no workers. So one individual needs each other. So how come we can still collect too much money and put it in a steel chest. Without trying to help poor people and spend to help someone that really need it? Isn't that what we called stingy? How much money we want to bulk? And for whom we want to show off someday? What is the reason of having so much money? Want to support our life for eternity?

If all rich people are not too hard to spend their money to poor people, may be the world will not be in chaos. At least it will help to settle so many problems. At least it can help reduce robberies, gamblings, killings, invadings, monopolying and so on. Peace and justice for all :)



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