Shareapic the worst image hoster

Shareapic is not only image hosting that promise you want to pay, but actually they don't want to pay. Just try don't dream to get paid by them. Or you will just get tired of nothing. But they also made my images corrupted. All my pics i stored there most of them corrupted. What an unreliable image hosting it is.

I fully recommend not to join or work with Shareapic, because there are so many person tired of nothing with them. They say they gonna pay you but of course it's all gimmick. The minimum payout is so high compared with per impression that they pay. So if you not work 24 7 a day to upload pics to them, so don't ever dream to get money from them.

I don't trust Shareapic anymore even i'd joined them since 5 months ago and i'm so tired of them! And i hope you will not get fooled by them and not wasting time with manipulators like them. All the best :)



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