A Jewish beggar at Medina market

In the corner of the Medina market had a Jewish beggar blind that almost everyday he said to anyone who approached him, "Oh my relatives, don't approach Muhammad, he's the crazy person, he's the liar, he's the hypnotist, if you approached him then all of you will be affected by him".

However, each morning Prophet Muhammad SAW visited him with brought food, and without saying a word then Prophet Muhammad (Rasulullah SAW) fed food that was carried by him to the beggar whereas he did not know that a man that fed him was Rasulullah SAW. Rasulullah SAW did this every day until he died.

After Rasulullah SAW's death, there was not again the person that bring the food each morning to that blind Jewish beggar. One day the closest companion of Rasulullah SAW namely Abu Bakar RA visited to the house of his daughter Aisyah RA (prophet Muhammad's wife) he asked his daughter, "My child, was there my sweetheart's (Prophet Muhammad) habit that was not yet done by me?"

Aisyah RA answered, "Oh father, you were an expert of sunnah and almost did not have his one habit that not yet father did except one then".

"What is that?" , asked Abu Bakar RA. "Every morning Rasulullah SAW always went to the end of the market with brought food for a blind Jewish beggar available there, said Aisyah RA."

The next day Abu Bakar RA went to the market with bringing food to be given to the beggar. Abu Bakar RA visited the beggar then gave the food to him. When Abu Bakar RA began to feed him, the beggar start to angry and scold him, "Who are you?" Abu Bakar RA answered, "I'm the normal person that always came to you."

"No! You're not the normal person that always visit me", objected the blind beggar.

"If he came to me, not have difficulty these hands held and not difficult this mouth digested. The normal person that visited me always fed me, but before that, this food was refined by him and after that he gave to me," the beggar continued his words.

Abu Bakar RA could not keep his tear, he cried while saying to the beggar, "I indeed not the normal person that came to you." I was one of his friends, the noble person was gone forever now. He was Muhammad Rasulullah SAW.

Instantly same the beggar then cried heard the explanation by Abu Bakar RA, and afterwards said, "Really was like this? Until now I always insulted him, slandered him, but he had not angry at me at all, he visited me with brought food each morning, he was so noble...."

The blind Jewish beggar finally said syahadat "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" opposite Abu Bakar RA at that time also and since that day he became muslim.

Wallahu a'lam


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