How to open FLT archive files

I encountered problem to extract flt archives files, until i found a solution. Just try Winrar, Open Archive from 'File' menu. And at Files of type, please choose All Files. It cannot detect the files by default setting with All Archives.

And then usually you must choose the top file in the list of files. Example if there are so many archives files like below

flt-mgp7.004 .... and so on ....

please choose the first one. (If you browse with My Computer, you can see the file that i mean here named flt-mgp7.001) And then you can extract like usual. I hope this may help. I tried using Winzip and couples of other softwares, but seems like only Winrar works best with these kind of files. Please leave comments if you still confuse about this. All the best :)



You really helped me!!!! Thanks!

thanks man you help me very much

You're welcome guys, thanx for the comments. Glad to hear somebody's got benefit from this post. All the best to u all :)

its so helpful, thnkz a lot!!

For .sfv file, you can also open it with Winrar. Maybe you can't see any icon appear to .sfv file, but you must right click and choose open with Winrar.

What version of WinRar do you have?

I just tried before with Winrar 3.61. Thanx and have nice days ahead :)

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