The best firewall for my PC

I do not really recommend you to use Comodo firewall. The program good in blocking suspicious actions from local programs and internet, but sometimes so fussy. From my experience, it ever block incoming connection from internet turning my modem's data LED to stop blinking (stay glowing). And it always keep asking the same question about suspicious programs even the same program running later.

I thought my modem is not working, but after i tried to disable Comodo Firewall, the modem back to stable condition. Since then , for me Comodo is not so good to use and give other problems to us. For alternative to use firewall, i prefer Zonealarm. It's the best firewall that's working nice to me so far. At least, it will not repeat to ask the same question to the same program.

If you have your own experience about firewall, please share here. Maybe some of you have better info of which firewall is better to use. And what's the best method to use them. Please don't hesitate to give comments. All the best :)



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