Balancing the world

We all came from same father (Adam) and mother (Eve), but why we still be a racist? If we learn from the history of human being, we all are relatives, but we are separated through times. But that's not mean that we cannot turn back to what we really are. Only our ego stop us from doing that. Our ego ask us to have war between humans.

We can live in peace in this world by balancing each others. By balancing the wealth, the attitudes, the needs and so on, we can make a better living in this world. But why there are still many crimes, many robbers, many wars? Because the world is not balance now! Look at our universe, from astronomy thought we notice that the universe is still in good condition because they are balancing each other. The system still balance and not going mad yet, so that's why we as a human being also need to be balance.

As long as there are greed people, then the problem will not end. Our ego lead us to be the best, be the greatest person, be on top, be advance from others. So how come we can balance the world. The gap between rich and poor people are gaining, so how come we can live in harmony in peace? Imagine, if we throw away our passion to be greater than other people, then we can be a moderate person. If all people be moderate, that time the balance will come.

If the wealth are divided to all, same and moderate, then there will no jealousy and frustration. So it will gives peace to our mind, our society, our nation, our world. Think of it deeply and try to run away from current situation. That's why modesty is the best policy. Moderate is really a great thing to do, and so sad not many people like to practise it.

It is really hard to lowering our lust, our needs, and not to chase for luxury and wealthiness. We still cannot live in peace while there are criminals around, thieves, killers and so on even we are a rich man. How many rich men were been killed, been robbed, been in so many trouble.

We must find ways to get along each other, no matter what nation we are, Arab, Chinese, Indian, American, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian and so on. If not, then everyday we will watch news in Tv, hear from radio, read in newspaper and internet, people killing each others, robberies, gamblings, etc. So what we must do to avoid all those? Try to practise what was given below;

- Control our passion and lust, not let them control us.
- Always be patient of what ever happen and don't be greedy.
- Love all, not just ourselves.
- Don't show a finger to others, but think how to settle problems.
- Always calm down and be cool , and try to avoid hastily.
- Control our madness, angriness and be a kind person.
- And the best thing to do is, love our Creator because our fate and everything can change only with His permission.

Try applying it in your life, and insyaAllah you will see a different and you will see why what i wrote here is so important to do. May God bless us all with His Mercy.



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