Google Earth's Flight Simulator

Wow, i found out from one website that the latest Google Earth is so magnificent. It contains a hidden feature, which is a full-fledged flight simulator! Press Command+Option+A in OS X or Ctrl+Alt+A on a Windows or Linux box and you'll be greeted with a hidden dialog box that lets you choose an aircraft (F16 or SR22) and an airport. Once you've made your selection, you'll be placed inside the aircraft. You can then fly around the globe in a free flight simulator, viewing the scenery that is pulled from Google Earth's map files. It's like a Flight Simulator game but this one is more real because it took Google Earth's perspective view.

If you wasn't able to get things to work at first, then try to zooming way into Earth and try again. It seems like you can't activate the feature when you are out in space looking down on the earth. Once you've activated the feature, it will be available from the Tools menu. All the best :)



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