Toyota TPR-Robina Tour Guide Robot

Toyota make a changes to their new tour guide robot's name from DJ Robot to TPR-Robina, that will show visitors around its exhibition hall in Toyota City. It's been announced on August 22 Toyota Press release. The look of it more professional and cute with long haircut and like gurl wearing a skirt. But some said that it looks scarry :D Maybe because of it's eyes that was so dark and mysterious.

It walks with a wheels under it's buttock. Jointed fingers enable TPR-Robina to grasp writing utensils and sign autographs. Further, in addition to being able to communicate using words and gestures, the 60-kg, 1.2-meter tall robot has an image recognition system that allows it to read visitors’ name tags so that it can tailor its directions accordingly. TPR-Robina will begin working as a receptionist and guide at the Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall on August 27.

Let's see whether this gurlz-like robot will be friendly or not at the exhibition .......

Via : Wazi Wazi



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