Google Earth launched Sky for stargazer

All of you fans of Astronomy, listen! Google Earth has launched a new feature called Sky, a "virtual telescope" that the search engine hopes will turn millions of Internet users into stargazers. Isn't that really interesting to hear? Or is it just me who really excited about it? Hhhmm. When i hear Google want to develop that kind of thing, i was really excited because i'm one of the Astronomy fans too.

Google Earth is a very exciting software, and with adding this new feature in it, this time will enable us to gaze the star from the internet, then it will be more exciting. "Never before has a roadmap of the entire sky been made so readily available," said Dr. Carol Christian of the Space Telescope Science Institute, who co-led the institute's Sky team. "Sky in Google Earth will foster and initiate new understanding of the universe by bringing it to everyone's home computer."

Users of Sky will be able to float and zoom in on over 100 million individual stars and 200 million galaxies. Users will view the sky as seen from earth. "We're excited to provide users with rich astronomical imagery and enhanced content that enables them to both learn about what they're seeing and tell their own stories," said Google Product Manager Lior Ron in a statement. "By working with some of the industry's leading experts, we've been able to transform Google Earth into a virtual telescope."

The Sky service will be available on all Google Earth domains, in 13 languages. Users will need to download the newest version of Google Earth which can be found at I tried it, and so far it's really interesting! It's like we use a huge telescope to gaze the sky and view stars, other galaxies and so on. Magnificent!

Via : Reuters



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