Tomy's i-Sobot the smallest robot in record

The i-SOBOT was unveiled by Sanyo and Tomy and is supposedly the world's smallest two-legged walking robot (certified by Guiness Book of Records) with 165mm in height. It's a tiny robot powered by 3 AAA ENELOOP batteries (by Sanyo) , equipped with 17 servo-engines, all this technology in 165mm.. The Vstone Robovie-i is as tall, but given that it is rather simplistic the i-SOBOT wins this award.

i-SOBOT can be controlled via remote and voice. It includes a camera that can beam pics to your PC or phone via WiFi, and whose head can swivel 60 degrees in each direction. The price of cam-free model should be out in July for 31,290 yen (USD257), while the CAMVersion bot will run you 41,790 yen (USD344) when it debuts in October and the small robot will start shipping in Japan from July. .

i-Sobot cam-version

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