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About Tajino

I like making visuals that make people and myself happy, and I like to get it done fast, that is why I use LightWave. Three years ago, I graduated from a local art school in Electronic Design and Multimedia. Since then, I've been working with Clickgrafix, a company that does content creation, soft/hardware distribution and training. I'm always impressed with new technology that makes my life easy and exciting.

Were you studying computer graphics at art school?

It was just part of the program in college, mainly we concentrate on ideas and designs.

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When did you see LightWave for the first time?

I think it was in the mid 90s, when I read an article in a local newspaper that did a feature about the visual effects in Babylon 5 and LightWave was mentioned in there. It was the article that makes me curious and wonder why LightWave was used and not the other software that I was playing with at that time.

When did you first start using it?

It was LightWave 4.0, I was just playing with it as toy. Only when I entered college, I started using it seriously as it was part of our course subject, and at that time I was using LightWave 5.6.

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What do you like about the package?

I like the way it works, it is just simple and straight to the point, learn a few tools and you can model like never before, the tools are absolutely transparent once you get into it. It is this that makes me stick with LightWave for so many years. Besides, the ability to customise almost the entire menu layout and keyboard shortcuts is another thing that is a must have for me in order to like a software.

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What could be improved for you?

Better and faster radiosity, with photon mapping and more. As far as surfacing is concerned, I like to see things like subsurface scattering, faster reflection blurring, better volumetrics and other things built right into the core engine and not as third party add-ons. Modelling should also support non-destructive mesh generation, like some other software has with procedural stuff in lathing, extruding and other operations. In Layout, tons of things need to be improved for me, three years ago it was still okay for us to accept the way bones are treated in LightWave, but today it is a big issue when comes to character rigging - in short, we need more flexible bones. Besides this, Modeler should also have a user definable construction plane and better layer management, and lots more... I'll fill the entire page if you let me. :)

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What do you do for Clickgrafix?

Most of the things I do are content development like 3D animations, TV commercials, event videos, animation for launches, IDs and other things. Apart from that, sometimes I have to go around to colleges to demo LightWave, and sometimes at trade shows when Click has a booth there. On top of that I have produced some basic tutorials and a training program mainly to aid beginners who just bought LightWave from Click, these training programs help aid the lecturers to learn as well as teach LightWave. There are a few basic modelling tutorials that I've done which can be downloaded on our website. Sometimes I also have to conduct training classes to customers who requested intermediate and advanced LightWave training on a specific topic.




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