Jackie Chan sells fish in Singapore

Jackie Chan actually sells fish in Singapore. But this man is not that popular actor, but his face is almost similar with that Kung Fu hero.

Fish monger Zhang Sui Xing, 48, is a spitting image of the famous Hong Kong action movie star and has been mistaken for Jackie Chan by many who met him at the market in Empress Road.

Zhang, who has operated his fish stall there for over 20 years, has become a popular icon at the wet market, attracting many housewives - some even called "Aunty killer".

"My business is very good. Many customers will call me 'Chen Long' (Jackie's Chinese name).

"They also introduce many friends to buy my fish," he told Shin Min Daily.

Zhang said he has never met Jackie Chan in person but has watched all his movies.

"Many people had said I looked like Jackie Chan even when I was in my 20s," he said, adding that he also played the role of 'Jackie Chan' in the movie I Not Stupid.

He said many people have sought autographs from him.

"When I told them I am not Jackie Chan, they would ask if I'm his brother," he said.

Via - Asia One

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