A rare albino fawn caught hiding in the Italian wilderness

rare albino fawn picture

This is an amazing picture of an incredibly rare baby albino deer dubbed 'White Bambi' hiding with its mother in the wilderness in Italy.

Disturbed by a rustling in the forest the brilliant white deer turns to face it's stalker, luckily this shot is only with a camera.

The little fawn, thought to be only eight months old, was sighted in the woods by walkers Massimo Del DIn and his daughter Deborah.

Leandro Grones, from the local hunting association, said Bambi has nothing to fear from any other kind of shooting except the camera.

He said: 'Animals like this increases the appeal of the mountain and also feed legends.

'Albinism is not a disease, however, it can have some drawbacks in roe deer, such as, for example, being unable to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun.'

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