Pimple-like Bumps on Penis and Testicles

Everyone is familiar with pimples, condition that effects the oil glands of the skin. We are not worried if pimple occurs on our nose or cheeks, but what if pimple pops up on penis or testicle? Is that still normal? What to do then? Call a doctor or wait until the pimple subsides?

What are pimples?

Pimple is actually a result of a blockage of the skin's pore and it can happen anywhere on the body: face, back, legs, even genitals and elsewhere. Pimples is a common and frequent condition that effects the oil glands of the skin. Oil glands are found in every hair follicle and when they become clogged or inflamed, they can lead to pimples breakouts.

Are pimples on penis and testicles normal?

Yes and no. Some types of so-called pimples (bumps,...) are normal and represent very common condition, but in some cases those bumps can be dangerous and demand prompt medical attention. Pimples on penis or testicles typically occur in teenage years, but it is also possible men will experience pimples at some time later in their life. Statistics claim that eight out of ten men will experience pimples on penis and/ or testicles at some time in their life. Most of the time penis and testicle pimples go away as person grows, or if they occur later in life, they subside in a matter of week or two. But the fact is that if they don't, it is not wise to sit at home miserable, hoping they will go away. If you notice any new lumps or bumps, ask your doctor to check, or go to a genitourinary medicine clinic. I know it can be suffering, not to mention the psychological effect pimples on genitals can cause.

What spots are normal on penis?

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Hhmm how come i didn't know all these as long as i live on this earth??

TQ for the info , even if my grammar still broken tahap dewa punyerr :D

Broken grammar guy >>> You would be surprised at how many men who are unaware of such conditions.
This article is for sharing in the hope of shedding light to the ignorant..

The bumps on the picture I think it is called Secaceous prominences. They have nothing to do with pearly papules. Both of these pimples are normal. There is really No need for treatment.

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wow this was very helpfull. all along i kept thinkiing i had genital warts or herpes but they look alot like those pictures

oh my gosh! thank you guys so much i was scared to show my girlfriend my penis because i thought i had genital warts. this really helped me to see that therre is a difference thank you guys so much i hope you keep posting these they are very helpfull to everyone

But will is there any way to get rid of them?

omg thank you guys i thought i was proper fucked but am fine i wish i new this years ago

Ive had these tiny bump things near the head of my penis for a while now (4-6 months) and it hasnt gone away. I thought it was warts so I went to my doc but he didnt think so. He said I have Pearly Penile Papules. They look very similar to warts and they are in no way related to sexual activity or bad hygiene.

Tea tree oil method is one of the most used homemade treatments for removing pearly penile papules. The numerous advantages it displays as well as the fact that it is highly effective make of this treatment one of the patients’ favorite ways of getting rid of that ugly bumps which are troubling them so much. Tea tree oil is a really lovely product from Australia--it tingles and smells kind of like eucalyptus, and I've used as a treatment for cuts and blisters, because it acts as an antimicrobial. Its also the main ingredient in the Derma Remedies product.

The small bumps usually appear on the shaft or around the head of penis.
The small bumps on penis called Pearly Penile Papules

But dont worry because Pearly penile papules is not STD. Try to eliminate the bumps using toothpaste or castor oil.
Hope it useful :)

I am having lot of pimples on my face after reading your article i came to know what are pimples? how they come for that what we do long time i search this type of solution only thanks fot the information and nice article....

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