Japanese scientists created transparent Goldfish

Previously, researchers from Japan created a transparent frog, the result of breeding two specimens of Japanese brown frog (Rana japonica). Now, Japanese researchers have produced a new species of goldfish with also see-through / transparent skin.

You can see the fish's live heart, brain, and other internal organs, right through its invisible scales, because the scales and skin have no pigments.

The "see-through" creatures are expected to offer a realistic alternative to controversial classroom dissections in Japan.

Mie University Professor Yutaka Tamaru explained that researchers produced the "ryukin" goldfish by picking mutant hatchery goldfish with pale skin and breeding them together.

The see-through fish will also live 20 years and grow up to 25cm (10 inches) long and and a weight of two kilograms (five pounds) - proving they're certainly not your average goldfish.

Via - AFP

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Next will be a see through human..gross!! Transparent goldfish - pretty hefty size and weight for a goldfish; not to mention the lifespan... love the transparent fins...flimsy and ethereal..

Yeaa, will be so gross if human in transparent huhu

Bydaway, human body is only an acting in this world of acting. Isn't my grammar really bad? :D

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