£45m film shows life in the oceans like never before

The amazing images from the film that took 4 years to shoot and costing a staggering £45 million to produce, created using revolutionary technology.

But it's easy to see why: 500 hours of unedited film were shot using remote-controlled mini helicopters, divers, hydrodynamic cameras dragged behind boats and top speeds, and carefully tied poles.

 Sand-eye view: This eerie image of horseshoe crabs scuttling on a beach was part of the 500 hours of unedited footage

A diver appears dwarfed by a sunfish in footage from the film. It took four years to create

Sea birds dive bomb the water in search of fish

Two Californian sea lions look as though they are dancing through the reefs in the footage

A humpback whale appears out of the astonishingly blue ocean to peer into the camera in another shot from the film, which cost £45m to produce

A ball of horse mackerel in a scene from the film

A dinghy is dwarfed by a crane hoisting a camera over the water to film a whale

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Nothing is for free definitely. But this is really really amazing.

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