Thieves steal circus van and lion in it

Thieves in western German city of Wuppertal stole a circus truck - without realising there was a lion asleep in the back.

They abandoned the vehicle after crashing into a road sign in the western city of Wuppertal, reports the BBC.

According to Wuppertal police spokeswoman Claudia Otto, Circus Probst filed a stolen vehicle report and explained that their five-year-old carnivore “Caesar” was in the truck and likely getting hungry and thirsty.

“At same time an anonymous report came in around 2 am that a truck had crashed into a traffic sign and the driver had fled,” Otto said.

Police later had the truck towed away to a depot - unaware that the five-year-old lion called Caesar was inside.

Caesar appeared unhurt when a lion tamer arrived to reclaim him after Circus Probst had reported the theft.

The thieves got away and may have been unaware of Caesar's presence, say officers.

A circus spokesman, Laurens Thoen, told German media that there was no indication on the truck about its dangerous cargo. The animal had been dozing in the back of the truck when it was stolen, and was by now probably looking for food and water.

Caesar is reported to be "fine" and is due to perform again with the circus in Krefeld.

Via - Orange News

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