12 year old girl who sneezes 12,000 times a day

A sixth grader from Chesapeak, Virginia, who sneezes as much as 12 times per minute and 12,000 times a day, has baffled her family and doctors. She can’t sit for more than a few seconds without someone saying "bless you."

12-year-old Lauren Johnson caught a cold roughly two weeks ago. The cold eventually went away, but the sneezing stuck around. It only stops when she’s in deep sleep.

Lynn Johnson, Lauren’s mother, says she suffers every time she hears her daughter sneeze. Despite visiting several doctors (including a hypnotist), and taking different medications, the mysterious condition continues.

"I can't stop sneezing. It goes off about eight to nine times a minute," says Lauren sneezing twice in seven seconds.

One neurologist said that Lauren’s condition could be “irretractable psychogenic disorder,” which could be triggered by stress.

During a five-minute interview on the Today Show Lauren sneezed hundreds of times, her speech interrupted every few seconds.

But on a regular day, she can sneezes more than 12,000 times.

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