Two year old boy with same IQ as Einstein

Oscar Wrigley becomes the youngest boy in Britain to be accepted into Mensa. He was just 2 year old but have the same IQ as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Other two year old kids are still discovering the joy of playgrounds, but this genius boy would rather be learning about wildlife or the history of Ancient Rome.

With an IQ of at least 160, he has the same score as the likes of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. "Oscar was recently telling my wife about the reproductive cycle of penguins," said his father Joe, 29, an IT specialist from Reading in Berkshire.

Assessors at the Gifted Children's Information Centre in Solihull said Oscar, an only child, is one of the brightest youngsters they have ever come across.

Dr Peter Congdon ranked the toddler in the 99.99th percentile, meaning he is one in 100,000 in terms of his intelligence. He has been ranked off the scale as the 45-minute Stanford-Binet test cannot measure higher than 160.

He will need to be tested further in the years to come to establish his exact score. 'Oscar is a child of very superior intelligence,' said Dr Congdon.

Oscar's parents say he started talking at nine months and by 18 months he was reciting the alphabet in the bath.

By the time he turned two he had a vocabulary stretching to thousands of words while most children his age would have mastered only 50 or so.

Mr and Mrs Wrigley say they encourage him to follow any activity in which he shows interest. He is already showing a gift for music and has asked for a saxophone for Christmas despite the fact he is far too small to be able to play.

'He will sit in the back of the car listening to the Indiana Jones soundtrack and he'll be conducting with his fingers,' said Mr Wrigley.

'Then he'll say, "Here comes the brass with the French horn" and then "Here come the strings".'




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