One million dollars for the evidence of mermaid

In recent years, dozens of reports come from Israel saying that a mermaid-like creature was seen near the town of Kiryat Yam in the Haifa Bay. According to the witnesses, it looks like a young girl with a fish tail.

It jumps like a trained dolphin, shows a variety of tricks, and then disappears in the deep sea. The town’s Mayor Office offered 1$ million for the evidence of the creature’s existence. An authentic photo would be sufficient which will be confirmed by specialists to receive the money.

Mermaids can be seen on a moonlit night, they play in the water and laugh. Sometimes mermaids turn into regular young women, get out of the water and dance.

One of the residents of the Transdniestr region, while fishing, found a woman with a fish tail on the sand. The woman was approximately 5 feet (1.5m) tall, white, with greenish weed-like hair, a beautiful face and eyes without pupils. The guy took the mermaid to his house where she died shortly. After that the man began experiencing hallucinations.

The man’s neighbors also saw the dead mermaid in his house. Two days later the fisherman buried her in the woods, and his hallucinations stopped.

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A young woman, a beautiful face to behold ... hmmm.. sounds like a man's fantasy eh???

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