Giuliano Stroe the strongest child bodybuilder

 Giuliano Stroe the strongest child bodybuilder

Giuliano Stroe made to the World record for the strongest child bodybuilder earlier this year when an Italian TV audience saw him perform the routine over 30 metres at top speed.

He also does impressive cartwheels and backflips off a table top, and a dazzling gymnastics routine on a horizontal bar.

Dad Iulian, 33, said: "He has been going to the gym since he was born. I have trained hard all my life and always take him with me.

He got 6 packs abs at the really young age. But can he develop well and get taller?

* Updates April 7, 2011

And there is one more incredible strong tough kid, Richard Sandrak who is i think 14 year old now. The video below is when he is 11 year old.

So who is stronger? Guiliano or Richard? :D

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Thanks for the comments. So there is one more child that is incredible like Giuliano, i will add the video of him now :)

Ein Kind in dem Alter sollte spielen, malen, singen oder sonst was! Aber nicht sowas!
Der arme Kleine! Was seid Ihr für furchtbare Eltern!!

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