Former morgue worker abused corpses

This is really sick. A man who is a former worker at the county morgue for 16 years and is serving time for having sex with a corpse admitted today to having sex with two more bodies during his employment.

Kenneth Douglas, 56, of Westwood pleaded guilty to two counts of gross abuse of a corpse before visiting Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Richard Niehaus. He could be imprisoned for a maximum of three years at his Dec. 10 sentencing.

Douglas was employed for 16 years, from 1976-1992, as a night attendant at the morgue. He told authorities previously that while there, he invited women in and partied with them with drugs and alcohol. He also admitted to having sex with bodies being stored while awaiting autopsies.

He is currently serving a three-year sentence for having sex with another corpse - that of Karen Range, an 18-year-old murder victim who was nearly beheaded in 1982 and had been in the morgue cooler for hours.

Via - Msnbc

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So gross... This world is so full of "sick" people and this is one of them.. just wondering what he is deprived of.. Must be BRAINS..

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