Fifth annual Times Square Dog Day Masquerade photos

Two pugs walk across a stage dressed in pirate costume to compete in the fifth annual Times Square Dog Day Masquerade, in New York October 18, 2009. The contest aims at raising awareness for homeless and abandoned animals.

Georgie, a Pekinese canine, is dressed up in a "Naked Cowboy" costume.

Tuffy, sports a mohawk

Coco Bella, a chihuahua, is dressed as a ballerina

Petey, a terrier, dyed green and dressed in a witch costume

Tuffy dressed as a Skeleton

Leo the Bulldog, dressed as a Rockstar

Canines Cha-Cha and Candy, dressed as Biker Babes

The 2009 Dog Day Masquerade "Best in Show" Winner - Cookie as "Times Square Alliance Sanitation Worker"

Photo credit to Xinhua / Reuters /

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