Police chase 9 year old boy driver

Maybe this is the youngest kid driver that has been chased by a police. Police got a call from 911 of a suspected drunk driver on U.S. 40 around 11:30 p.m. Saturday. The car movement is really like been driven by a drunker. It's swerving in and out of its lane. Authorities chased the car into Henry County before the vehicle was finally stopped about two miles west of Knightstown.

Officers surrounded the car they didn't expected the driver to be 4 ft 3 inc tall, weight 92 pounds. It wasn't a drunk driver but a 9 year old boy. He stole his mother's car to runaway from home.

Greenfield Police Department deputy chief Derek Towle says preliminary reports found that the boy had apparently been angry with his parents before taking off with his mother's car to go visit one of his friends.

The boy was arrested and was took to the hospital for evaluation, he was not hurt. He was then turned over to the custody of his parents.

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