A new discovery of rat as big as a cat

giant rat as bis as cat

Something weird happened in a remote rainforest in Papua New Guinea. A team of scientists discovered the bizarre animals including Bosavi Woolly Rat, one of the biggest rats in the world, it measures just over 32 inches (82cm) from nose to tail and weighs 3lb (1.5kg).

The find was made in the crater of the extinct volcano Mount Bosavi while filming for the Lost Land Of The Volcano, the third in a series of BBC One expeditions to remote jungles.

That silvery grey mammal has teeth suggest it has a largely vegetarian diet and probably builds nests in tree hollows or underground. The name woolly is due to its dense fur.

Papua New Guinea is famous for the number and diversity of the rats and mice that inhabit the island. More than 57 species of true "Murid" rats and mice can be found on the tropical island.

Bosavi Silky Cuscus

The giant rat is not the only discovery made by the expedition team. They also found another unique type of mammal called the Bosavi Silky Cuscus.

The animal – which looks like a small bear – is a marsupial that lives up trees, feeding on fruits and leaves. Weighing in at over 2kg, it has dense silky fur adapted for a mountain environment.

The team also found about 40 other new species included a marsupial called the Bosavi Silky Cuscus, a camouflaged gecko, a fanged frog and a fish called the Henamo Grunter, which makes a grunting sound from its swim bladder, and so on.

More reading at BBC Press Releases, 7 Sept 2009

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