Mobile toilet for ladies

Ladies don't have to queue anymore at loos. German inventors have created for them a mobile toilet to carry around. That first pocket urinal fits in a woman's handbag and can be used whenever she is caught short. The toilet name is LadyBag, a plastic bag - which folds to the size of a chocolate bar - contains special granules that are said to absorb urine solidifying it into a firm gel.

The gel can prevents unpleasant smells and the bag can be disposed of in rubbish bins. It is not harmful to the environment.

Designers add that because of an oval opening designed for the female anatomy it can be used "standing, sitting or squatting" and even in a car, though not when driving. "The design of the oval opening is perfect for female anatomy and assures safe and hygienic use. "The super-absorbers, special granules within quickly absorb the urine and trap it inside."

The LadyBag is recommended for one-time use only and not be used while driving. The users must remember to not expose it to the kids, before they assume it as a toy or a sweet jelly, eeewwwww .......  And beware of a peeper, even if you are in your car.

Previously, this kind of product is just for men, and its called Roadbag.

Via - NewsLite , 4 Sept 2009



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