Mobile phone robot that monitors your daily activities

Polaris is a new model concept of mobile phone combined with robot system, developed by a Japanese company, KDDI in partnership with Flower Robotics robot manufacturer. It consists of a mobile phone and a spherical robotic cradle.

This mobile phone can monitors your day-to-day activities because it is equipped with learning capabilities. Acting like a personal secretary. The robot keeps a database of information accumulated through the handset. Then it will give advice on how to maintain or improve your current condition by learning to predict the user's behaviour.

The robotic cradle charges the handset and analyzes the data to provide health, weather and business updates to the users. The handset, when placed in the cradle, also works as a remote to control other gadgets, including your TV. Once plugged into a TV, the Polaris provides access to all phone data and basic information like weather, news, as well as monitor your health, daily travel and walking habits, calls and email messages sent and received, and online transactions.

Via - Impress , 9 Sept 2009

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