Huge explosion in the skies

There was a huge explosion in the skies last Thursday evening. Astronomy Ireland said it was currently investigating the explosion, which occurred at 2100 BST. Maybe it was a space rock or satellite crashing into the atmosphere.

The group wants anyone who witnessed the event to contact its website at

There have been two major explosions in the skies over Ireland in the past two decades. From the investigation, one was a Russian military satellite that exploded over the country, and the other was a rock from space.

Chairman of Astronomy Ireland, Mr David Moore said the explosion should not be confused with a hugely-bright star which was positioned just below the full moon on Thursday night. "This was actually the planet Jupiter and it can be characterised by being by far the brightest star in the entire night sky,"

Via - BBC News, 4 Sept 2009

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Maybe there are Star Wars in the sky, Darth Vader want to conquer Earth. Jedi warrior on the way here :D

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