1,700 animals crammed in car boot

Traffic cops in Italy found more than 1,700 animals crammed into the boot of a car. Inside were 216 budgies, 300 white mice, 150 hamsters, 30 Japanese squirrels, six chameleons and more than 1,000 terrapins.

Police confiscated the entire menagerie and have passed all the animals to nearby zoos while they investigate the driver's links to rare and protected animal smuggling.

"He said he planned to sell the terrapins for 20 Euros each which would have made him a fortune.

"There is no doubt those poor animals were suffering in such a small space," said one officer.

Seems like that man's dream to have lots of money will not achieve yet. Better use a good way than a bad way to get money :)

Via - Metro , 24 Sept 2009



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