Top 10 animals in every category

These are the countdown of varieties of top ten animals from Animal Planet. They did a great job with the list.

Top 10 ugliest animals

No.1 - The Blobfish is the winner of the ugliest animal. The blob fish is one of those animals that illicit the response, "that can't be real!" . A deep-water, bottom-dwelling species endemic to the waters of the South Pacific. It is made of a gelatinous material less dense than water, which allows it to float about in the water despite reaching such a large and ungainly size. This animal is rarely encountered by humans and therefore not much is known about its natural history. Although, judging from its appearance, it seems likely that the blob fish spends most of its time just sitting around waiting for a meal to swim by.

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Top 10 Animal treehuggers

No.1 - OrangUtan - As the largest and arguably most intelligent of all tree-dwelling animals, the orangutan is widely considered the king of the trees. Orangutans spend nearly all their time in the forest canopy where they feed, sleep, breed and raise their young. The females even give birth in a treetop nest, and their tiny infants cling to them as they swing through the trees in search of food. An orangutan's long arms can reach a length of 7 feet, and their powerful, hand-like feet allow them to grasp branches tightly as they swing their massive bodies from branch to branch. Their limbs are also extremely flexible and their wrist, hip and shoulder joints are capable of greater range of motion than other apes. This gives them a grace, agility and speed that are unmatched among tree-dwelling animals.

Top 10 Green animals

No. 1 - Bee - Sure, their sting can be a pain in the you-know-what, but the full-time pollinating duties of bees are essential when it comes to ensuring that flowering plants, well, flower. It's estimated that one-third of the human food supply depends on insect pollination, with bees accounting for the majority, particularly the domesticated European honey bee. Next time you hear one buzzing by, consider delivering a round of applause is in order for all their hard work.

Top 10 Smartest animals

No.1 - Chimpanzee - Topping the list of smartest animals is another great ape, the chimpanzee. The impressive intellectual abilities of this animal have long fascinated humans. They can make and use tools, hunt collectively, and are capable of advanced problem-solving. They are also able to learn sign language to communicate with humans and can remember the name sign for individuals they have not seen for several years. But perhaps the most amazing feature of the chimpanzee is its ability to use symbols for objects and combine the symbols in a sequence to convey a complex idea. Such intellectual gifts are probably central to maintaining this animal's complex social groups, where they form strong bonds and observe elaborate hierarchical structure.

Top 10 Animal performers

No.1 - Red-Crowned Crane, the Dance of Love - Is there anything more beautiful than a pair of red-crowned cranes in love? Perhaps, but when these birds come together, they put on a performance more spectacular than anything you'll see on Broadway. Also known as the Japanese and the Manchurian crane, these animals form lifelong romantic partnerships that begin with a courtship consisting of bowing, posing, bobbing, pirouetting and leaping excitedly in the air. When they really get worked up, they can be seen tossing sticks, leaves and grass high into the air and pecking at the debris as it falls to the ground. Taking the top spot in our countdown, this bird is an elegant performer and a symbol of good luck and happiness throughout its range.

Top 10 Animal thieves

No.1 - Sperm Whale - It's difficult to be sneaky when you weigh upwards of 40 tons and have a head the size of an SUV, but the sperm whale manages to get away with some of the most daring thefts in the animal kingdom. In the heavily fished waters off the coast of Alaska, there have been numerous accounts of sperm whales swiping fish from commercial fishing lines. According to fishermen, these behemoths simply loll about in the water near the boats as if they do not have a care in the world. As soon as the moment is right, they swim up to the lines and boldly make a meal of the fishermen's catch. Some have actually made this a regular habit, taking note of the schedules and routes of the ships. For boldness, ingenuity and the sheer size of the crime, the sperm whale takes the top spot in our countdown of animal thieves.

Top 10 Animal adaptations

No. 1 - Living Together - Of all the wonderful adaptations in the animal kingdom, perhaps the most important is the habit of living together in communal or family groups. Animals can derive a lot of benefit from spending time with other members of the same species. They can help each other find food, defend against predators and care for young. Countless species engage in group living, either in herds, colonies, harems, complex societies or loose associations. But perhaps the simplest and most common form of group living in the natural world is that of nuclear families, which may consist of a male/female couple with their young, a single male and various females and young, a group of females and their young, or whatever combination works best.

Top 10 Animal exercises

No. 1 - Running - Do you have an exceptionally active dog with a high IQ? If so, he or she may need extra help in the exercise department. Agility training involves leading dogs through a series of movements or along an obstacle course. There are some devices and toys that can help improve agility in dogs, but agility training generally requires help from humans in order to learn the moves. Across the country, agility training centers offer dogs an opportunity to learn new skills and perform like a champ. Some agility training facilities are designed for competitive preparation. Other courses are designed for fun, improving behavioral skills and exercise. Whether agility training occurs on a formal competitive field or in your own backyard, these activities are wonderfully fun and healthy for your dog.

Top 10 Animal skills

No. 1 - Running, the Cheetah - Reaching speeds of up to 68 miles per hour, the cheetah is the world's fastest terrestrial animal. With its long legs, small head and slender body, this animal is literally built for speed. When the cheetah runs, its backbone coils and uncoils with every stride, which helps to propel the animal forward during a chase. By some estimates, this feature may increase the cheetah's speed by up to 20 miles per hour. However, the cheetah's impressive speed comes at a high price: the animal is unable to run for longer than 10 to 20 seconds before it overheats. Because it makes its home in the savannah and other open areas where there is little opportunity to hide, the cheetah must rely on its speed to capture prey and time its kills precisely in order to bring down prey swiftly.

Top 10 Animal oddities

No. 1 - Henry the Hexapus - We all know that the octopus is so-named for having eight legs. But what do you call a six-legged cephalopod that by all other measures is completely octopus-like? You call it a "hexapus," of course. "Henry the Hexapus," as he is known to the staff of Blackpool Sea Life Center in England, was found in a lobster trap and taken to the center to be given a permanent home. At first, his keepers didn't bother to count his legs. However, as soon as he attached himself to the side of an aquarium tank, they realized poor Henry was two short of an eight-pack.

Top 10 Animal Predators

No. 1 - Great White Shark - Any animal that has the misfortune of being preyed upon by the great white shark stands very little chance of surviving the attack. This animal is No. 1 on the countdown for its remarkable predatory abilities. With its streamlined body and strong jaws, the great white is a powerful animal: a fast swimmer and an agile aquatic acrobat able to leap high out of the water to surprise its prey. The great white shark also has multiple rows of sharp serrated teeth, each being replaced as soon as one is lost. In fact, a single shark can go through more than 50,000 teeth in its lifetime. Great whites typically begin their attacks with a single punishing bite. The shark then waits for its victim to be weakened by the wound before it returns to eat - a technique that allows the predator to feed in relative safety.

Top 10 Animal lovers

No.1 - Redback Spider - The redback spider tops the animal lovers list because this arachnid would literally kill for some action — and does! The courtship begins with the male back-flipping into a sexual position, taunting the female by placing his rear directly in front of her venomous fangs. Guess that's one way to say, "Come and get it!" The female happily obliges, taking a bite out of her lover, but before the poison sets in, the male scurries away from her deadly embrace. Too bad he can't leave well enough alone — he eventually returns, only to be eaten by the female. Well ... that's one way to avoid any awkward, serious relationship discussions!

Top 10 Extinct animals

No. 1 - Tyrannosaurus Rex - Topping the countdown at No. 1, Tyrannosaurus Rex is an animal whose fossil remains are known to school children and adults from all parts of the world as the most fearsome predator that ever walked the planet. Standing about 40 feet in length, with a massive head and jaws that could have eaten an adult man in a single bite, one look at the remains of this brutish beast sends chills down the spine of anyone considering time travel to the Cretaceous Period.

Top 10 Animal versus aircraft stories

No. 1 - Eastern Airline Flight 375 - Oct. 4, 1960, marked the most significant amount of casualties as a result of a bird strike. An Eastern Airline flight en route to Boston collided with a flock of common starlings during takeoff, disabling all four engines. The plane crashed just moments later in the Boston harbor, and of the 72 passengers onboard, only 10 survived.

Top 10 Animal gross-outs

No.1 - Fly - Though scientists claim the fly is the most evolved insect, it's also hands down the most disgusting creature across the board. Where to begin? How about with that corn on the cob you're about to take a bite of — flies eat feces and their bodies are covered in bacteria (think typhoid and dysentery for starters), so if they've recently landed on your picnic spread, you might want to think twice about chowing down. Flies don't just buzz around our food; they actually vomit on it, puking up enzymes, digestive juices and saliva to help break it down to a soupy substance they can suck through their straw-shaped tongue. Problem is they leave some of their fly puke soup behind for us to share. Flies also lay their eggs in dead flesh, which hatch to become bouncing little maggots. Fly swatter, anyone?

Top 10 Animal gluttons

No.1 - Caterpillar - It may be the smallest member on the list, but the caterpillar still earns the title of top glutton, thanks to its reputation for being an "eating machine." Though strictly vegetarians — er, herbivores — caterpillars eat leaves voraciously, often consuming 1,000 times their weight in only two months. Their alarmingly strong appetite is based more on biology than portion control issues; their bodies are basically bags of blood with a huge gut that runs down the middle. The constant flow of food through their system helps them get through their first life cycle as quickly as possible so they can be reincarnated as butterflies. Maybe if constant eating meant beautiful makeovers for us as well, versus life-threatening obesity, we'd be embracing this meal plan with open arms!

Top 10 Animal horrors

No.1 - Parasitic worm - Make no mistake about it: parasitic worms are truly the most horrifying creatures in the animal kingdom because they will literally eat you from inside out. One of the more exotic types, the blood fluke, lurks in the tropics and burrows through skin to enter the bloodstream, then heads for the bladder where they can reside for up to 30 years! Blood flukes will continue laying eggs that are so spiney they can rupture the bladder wall. For a gut-wrenching scare, look no further than the pencil-like round worm. One of out of every four people on the planet has one of these living in their stomach, feasting on the same food they eat. Or maybe you're being terrorized by a filarial worm, thin as a strand of hair or piece of thread, as long as your finger, and coiled up in your lymph glands feeding on your body fluids. Here's the scariest part: most of the time, you might never even know if or where a parasitic worm is lurking, making your body the ultimate haunted house. Boo!

Top 10 Animal loudmouths

No.1 - Pistol shrimp - A shrimp that breaks glass with just a snap certainly deserves the No. 1 spot on the "Loudmouths" list. Found in tropical reefs around the world, the pistol shrimp is equipped with, well, a pistol, in the form of a large claw that shoots out jets of water. The water stream moves with such velocity that it creates an air bubble. Once this little grenade implodes, it packs a mighty punch, creating a massive shock wave louder than a whale's call that can kill other shrimp and fish up to 6 feet away. The sonic snap also emits tiny flashes of light, which momentarily causes temperature inside the bubble to soar over 8,500 degrees Fahrenheit — that is one hot stove you do not want to touch!

Top 10 Animal fashion disasters

No.1 - Male deer - The deer earns the No. 1 spot thanks to its rack of antlers, which can measure up to 7 feet wide and weigh in at 80 pounds or more. That is quite the headdress! In fact, it is believed that the largest deer species ever was the Irish elk, with antlers over 12 feet wide — almost twice the length of what a moose sports today! Not exactly the animal you want sitting in front of you at the movies. During the mating season, male deer use their antlers to head-butt the competition. However, by doing so, they also run the risk of locking together, leaving them prone to predators or starvation. Perhaps it would be wise to keep the Headbanger's Ball in check?

Top 10 Animal cheats

No.1 - Cuckoo bird - This is truly the mother of all cheaters — the female cuckoo bird will not only raid the nest of her warbler neighbor to steal eggs, she then leaves her own eggs behind to replace what she just ransacked. In a true testament of nature vs. nurture, despite being abandoned, the baby cuckoo bird is just as much of a con artist as its birth mother. Thanks to incubating an egg similar in appearance to the other warbler eggs, the baby cuckoo bird blends among the other chicks and is therefore treated and fed like one of the family. You'd think with the baby cuckoo bird's rapid growth (we're talking 10 times the size of its foster mother!) the warbler would finally take notice that something is amiss. But hey, a mother's love can really turn a blind eye.

Top 10 Animal hissy fits

No.1 - Elephant - Our top tantrum thrower is responsible for more carnage than any other creature: elephants kill over 300 people every year! Their rages are even worse if they are in a state of lust, when their testosterone surges up to 60 times above normal levels, making them even more irritable and violent. Maybe an elephant really does never forget — perhaps it's a case of too many pent-up memories sending them over the edge?

Top 10 Animal dads

No.1 - Seahorse - The male seahorse tops the list and here's why: not only is he monogamous, but this creature is actually the one who gets pregnant, carrying up to 1,000 babies at a time! The mating process begins with a dancing courtship ritual of sorts with the female eventually laying hundreds of eggs inside the male, which he then helps fertilize himself during the process. This papa-to-be also loves to show off his rounded belly, proudly displaying the brood pouch he uses for carrying his young. However, before anyone nominates the male seahorse for Father of the Year, you might want to hold your horses (pun intended) — this dad has been known to eat a few of his offspring as well. Hey, nobody's perfect!

Top 10 Animal moms

No.1 - Sea louse - Sure, she may be just a small aquatic crustacean, but the female sea louse is No. 1 on the list and here's why. First, she's lured by the male into his bachelor burrow for mating where — surprise! — she discovers that she's actually in a harem with 25 other pregnant females! If that wasn't bad enough, once the babies are ready to be born, they make their way into the world by eating her from the inside out. Worst. Childbirth. Ever.

Top 10 Animal troublemakers

No.1 - Termite - The smallest creature on the countdown, yet the biggest troublemaker. Its voracious appetite for wood causes over 2.5 billion in property damages every year. That's more than floods, fires and earthquakes! A single colony can chew through 150 feet of wooden boards in a single year. With one out of 30 homes

in America is infested with termites, there's a chance these tiny troublemakers are on your walls right now.

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