Pakistan to launch first satellite in 2011

Dr Samar Mubarakmand, a renowned Pakistani nuclear scientist, said that Pakistan would launch its first space satellite in April 2011, local media reported Tuesday.

Talking to a private TV channel on Tuesday, Dr Samar said the satellite, likely to be sent into earth orbit, would monitor mineral and agriculture programs and weather conditions.

He said this project is funded by the Pakistani Planning Commission and there is no scarcity of funds for nuclear and space projects of the country.

Dr Samar said the country's nuclear program was not inferior to any other country in its standard and proficiency.

Dr Samar is a nuclear scientist and nuclear physicist, and was the chairman of Pakistan's National Engineering and Scientific Commission in 2001-2007, according to local news agency NNI.

He largely contributed to the nuclear program of Pakistan and he was awarded three highest civil awards of the country. He got the national fame in May 1998 when he headed the scientists' team which conducted the six nuclear tests in southwest Pakistan's Balochistan province.

A News from China View , 18 August 2009



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