A new Compose mode in Blogger

Hhhmmm, this is a first time i write in a new Blogger Compose mode. I don't know when Blogger start changing this but i realised it when i go to Settings menu in Blogger a few moments ago. There is a new option in Basic tab, at the Global Settings section. There is an option to choose old editor or a brand new updated editor.

So i choose the Updated editor and when i enter the compose mode,  i get this

It's a brand new Compose mode with a new look. A bit like Wordpress Compose editor even though still not as many functions as in Wordpress Compose mode. But for my first impression, i like the Undo and Redo buttons. That's very important in Compose editor actually , Blogger should put that long time ago but it's ok than still not putting there :D

When we type a link, it will automatically change after we click the Link button. We don't have to retype it in a box like before. But we still can change and modify it.

The way of uploading photo also different. It is faster and easier than before. You will know it when you upload photo with this new Compose mode. And i think, this is one of more new features that Blogger promise to give us as a present regarding to its 10th Anniversary Birthday on this Sunday. I hope more cool features will be added to Blogger especially i widget / gadget section. At least can compete with Wordpress.
But still Blogger rules in justifying text because there is no button to justify text in Wordpress, and we must do it manually by putting HTML code :D  So way to go to Blogger!

This is for now my sharing about a new Compose mode in Blogger. Let us explore together more of its functions and features. Have nice days and all the best :)

p/s: For all Muslims, i take this opportunity to wish Salam Ramadhan AlMubarak.  Happy fasting, baarokallahu lakum   :)



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