Electrifying ideas to market

<-- Fluoreszenzmikroskopische recordings of E. coli - culture. Live / Dead - staining with BacLight - kit (Molecular Probes): green = live, red = dead (Source: Institute for Materials Science, TU Dresden)

The project BIOMINT research scientist at the TU Dresden in a new laboratory for innovation, the pyroelectric properties of crystals. Ein Wirtschaftswissenschaftler überprüft, ob die jeweiligen Ergebnisse vermarktbar sind An economist checked whether the results are marketable

Pyroelektrizität - that is the property of certain materials such as quartz or complex silicates, such as tourmaline, if you change the temperature with the formation of a surface charge to respond. As a result, formed by the material around an electrical box. As this effect in bioprocess could be used, examines the research and creation project BIOMINT under the direction of Jun.-Prof. Dirk Meyer at the Technical University of Dresden. On the thematically complex projects are employees of the Institute for Structure Physics, Material Science, Genetics and Food Engineering and Biotechnology involved.

In a two-year project to the researchers, with financial support from the "Format" - the initiative of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) fathom how intelligent materials with the demand for resource-saving, environmental and health-oriented technologies can be satisfied. In the center of the project will exploit the special characteristics of pyroelectric crystalline materials in connection with biotechnology and physico-chemical processes.

"Depending on the structure and the specific shape of the crystals can be as field strengths of several millimeters per kilovolt occur," said Dirk Meyer. "With this change could, for example, cell, switch ', that is permeable to certain molecules or impermeable make." The application of filter processes in, for example in the disinfection or the production of chemicals, food substances or drugs, which is on the hand.

"Conceivably would also be harmful micro-organisms, which they, for example, in washing machines proliferate, with the help of Pyroelektrizität instantaneously, without the harsh chemicals used to be," says Professor Meyer. One goal of the project was also a new technology platform for the use of pyroelectric materials in the bioprocessing, environmental and life sciences market.

To view the projects in addition to all the technological challenges and relevance to market orientation, is for the entire duration of the project, a graduate in Economics Dresden University of Technology has its place - a novelty in this field, such as project staff Robert Schmid stresses. And adds: "The projects in this laboratory for innovation should be established in addition to subsequent projects at the TU Dresden practically proven framework to enable long-term success in the above sense possible."

Source : Technical University of Dresden , Germany, 17 August 2009


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