Dog who believes that he is a cat

This is a story about Chippy, a dog that don't think he is a dog, but a cat! Actually, the dog developed an identity crisis after sharing a home with 40 cats. He never learned how to be a dog after spending his life around cats.

Chippy always sleeps beside his best friend, a black female cat called Annie, and uses the litter tray. He also rarely barks. But i don't think he can meoww too :D

Liz Dart, who is fostering Chippy in Nailsworth, said: "He came to us as part of a rescue from a multi-cat household in Cirencester.

"At first we were told he was 19, blind and deaf but that wasn't the case.

"We couldn't leave Chippy behind because he had lived with cats all his life. I suppose, having always lived among them he just doesn't know any different. He never learned how to be a dog.

"He goes to bed with Annie, one of the other cats, as they are very close and ideally we would home them together. She's very protective of him.

"He didn't really bark and still uses a litter tray now. He has chewed up a toy mouse – whether he was responding to cat nip on it, I don't know. He eats dog food now – goodness knows what he ate before."

More story on , 24 August 2009

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