6 year old boy found the egg-sized meteorite in his garden

Actually this is one my dream, to find a meteorite :D  But Josh Chapple is so lucky, he is just 6 year old now and he found one in his garden. At first he thought it was a lump of coal, but after he showed it to his parents they realised what he had found. I don't know what they will do with it. Maybe they want to sell it or just keep it in a closet. But there are people that will pay for a very high price for a meteorite. 

The meteorite size is 6cm by 4cm and is black with a shiny crystal-like gleam. Josh said: "I saw it on the ground near our back door – there were burn marks all over it. I've never seen anything like it before. It was dark and shiny."  He found that cool rock on Friday as he went to collect eggs from the family's brood of hens wearing just his pyjamas and wellington boots.

It was morning after the annual Perseid space display had streaked over their house in Bratton Flemming near Barnstaple, Devon. Astronomers say up to 100 meteors per hour – looking like shooting stars – appeared across the sky during the shower's peak.

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