The great photo editing software alternative to Adobe Photoshop

Get Paint.NET!There is one freeware for photo editing that i know is the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop. And it is more easier than Gimp as far as i use it. The concept is similar to Adobe Photoshop, that's why i really like it. I'm the Adobe Photoshop CS3 user and i used Photoshop for long time to edit my photos. Until i found out one software that is just free to use and almost like Photoshop itself.

The name of the software is And you can go to their website at to download that freeware. Yes they're free to use, no limit time, no limit usage. It is in full edition. But if you have much money you can donate to their distributor to support the future development.

I hope this can benefit someone especially for whom that cannot afford to buy Adobe Photoshop and want to use the original software without pirating. I'm very glad to hear comment from you that used the freeware before and that use the freeware after reading this writing. All the best :)

Get Paint.NET!

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