Reduce noise or grainy in photos

Having problem with noise or grainy photo? I used AbsoluteDeNoiser Free V1.2.0 to solve this problem. It really helps to reduce noise or grainy in my photos especially photos with low exposure. There are version for Windows and Mac.

To use this freeware, we must install Java virtual machine (they provided it if we still don't install it in our PC). I hope this will help solving your problem about noise or grainy photos. All the best :)

Below are the link to go to the download website. Please take note that the old version is AbsoluteDeNoiser Free V1.2.0, and the new version of it is NDNoise.

Download AbsoluteDeNoiser Free V1.2.0

or the newest version

Download NDNoise

Update 25/6/2010 :

There is another great and cool software to remove noise from photo but still can maintain great details.  Now i use  Neat Image software. I highly recommend this especially if you work with landscape and macro photo. It works terrificly. 

You can do to and download it. It is not a free software but you can still use it with limited size photo.

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