The rain is coming again

long exposure beach shot pictureThe rain is coming again - 30 seconds long exposure at dawn - Location : Teluk Ketapang beach, Kuala Terengganu

Travel Terengganu photography, Nature pictures, Landscape wallpapers, Cloudscape, Sunrise, Beach, Long exposure

Camera used : Sony Alpha 200 DSLR
Software : Photoshop CS3 extended for post-processing
Location : Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia


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Whoaaaahhhh... Kaya kaya...aku kaya ngan wallpapers..

Makasih Neezhom. Wonderful lah awak nye collections ni sume. Makin canggih.. makin lawo... makin power...

Semuga di berkati selalu dan di ilhamkan ngan bermacam2 idea..

Greetings from South Africa.
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cantek sangat rasa mcm xmau kuar dr sini dah...
Sungguh menakjubkan..Teruskan kerja2 dan minat anda ini...:-)

Such refreshing captures. Great pieces my friend. Can we have more like these???

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