World of flowers photo gallery 5

morning glory flower picture1060x754 - Morning glory species

morning glory flower picture1060x754 - Morning glory species

flower picture1060x754

flower picture1060x754

orchid flower picture1060x754 - Orchid species

flower picture1060x754

flower picture1060x754

water lily flower picture1060x754 - Water lily species

flower picture1060x754

flower picture1060x754

flower picture1060x754

flower picture1060x754

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Flower wallpapers, Nature pictures, Macro photography

Camera used : Samsung S760 , Sony Alpha 200 DSLR
Location : Kuala Terengganu and Hulu Terengganu , Terengganu, Malaysia

Please leave comment if you know the flower's name



I cant remember the names of the flowers but I can still leave comments right Mr Forumer? Very familiar but yet the names just couldn't come to mind...

Your collections get better and better. Good job done thus far..

Salaam. Hhhmm quite tired shooting all those pictures. And now, can't wait this 30 october. I wanna go to Kuala Lumpur, maybe i will shoot many more pictures. Kuala Lumpur!!! Aku datang padamu!!!!!!

Tq and have a nice days ahead :)

Ahahhh.. To Kuala Lumpur? That's nice. Lots of things to see. But I personally think, there are more in store in Kuala Trengganu. The countryside is fresher, greener and untouched - refreshing i would say..

Would be great if we can look you up in KL Forumer..

Whohhhhhh....KL menjerit!!!! Hee...

Yupp of course more in store, actually the jungle part. I will explore jungle and forest, and also i was planned with frens to climb mountain. Dunno which mountain yet, maybe Gunung Tebu in Besut or Gunung Gajah Terom in Kuala Berang.

But i only realise Kuala Berang has more mountains, not just Gajah Terom, when i saw at a signboard in Kenyir lately. Hhmm, still more to xplore, come join us! Hehe

Woww..mountain climbing!!!You people are just so lucky to have all those natural landscapes. Mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls..etc..Make the most of them man.

Bahhh.. Not a mountain in my country though.. But if I have a chance, I wouldn't pass it. I have been to Mt Ophir. Wat an experience!! Been to Taman Negara and planned for Gunung Tahan hike..but my kaki one by one got married..Sigh...

When are u planning to scale the mountain Mr Forumer??? Bole tak kita bontotin awak??? Hehehe...

kadri quler : Thanx. And your site is nice too, but how can i leave comments there? :)

Bonesteak : Still not sure when we will leave to the mountain. But we can discuss later. Of course you are welcome to follow, but please bring together a few more girls OK hehe

WOW That's So many Pictures collection ,
These Flowers are great Collection ! very Good

Thanx my fren Bazaar online. I'm in progress to get DSLR camera by next week. Maybe i will add more soon, including more macros hehe

Wow.. more additions. The water lilies are just great. So's the orchids. Alas, whoever have nipped off the petals off that otherwise gorgeous red canna king humbert?

Must be the caterpillars or bettles or bugs or goats or ....??????

Really nice and original collections Forumer... Looking forward to more and more..Tak puas lah tengok kecantikan alam semulajadi ciptaan Allah niiii...

Thanks for the sharing hon.

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