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I want to go to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. So i leave you with these pictures. Hope you'll like them. Maybe i will be there for 4 days. InsyaAllah, i will bring back more photos especially which i'm gonna shoot in KL. Peace and justice for all :)

smart cat funny picturesSmart cat
Photo credit to my fren, Mr Nasir TX_2642

funny picturesDaydreaming cat
Photo credit to my fren, Mr Zxjang

cat funny picturesHi darling

cats funny picturesThe male cat says: "Hey, what are you looking at!"

tortoise funny picturesThe female tortoise (below) said: "Help me! Help!"
The male tortoise (above) said: "Arrgh! Shut up!

a boy funny picturesStylo mylo 

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i still know what are u did last 4 days.. hehehehehe.. :LOL:

Salaam. Huh, u think only u know what i did? I know too what u did last 4 days huhu, especially in MELAKA :D

w'lam.. melaka..? i did nothing spesel in melaka ma.. just konvoi, drink2, talk2, n go back home.. that all.. but melaka is a nice place too.. many nice scenery u can snap there.. but i didn't bring any camera that time.. so sad.. sob.. sob.. :(

ih ih ih so sad! Why don't u ask from me?? I thought u have frens that will take pictures! And i was not thinking too dat time, ih ih ih rugi2 ....... huhu

offcouse my friend hav it.. but he take another picture.. cars pictures.. members pictures.. non-scenery ma.. so what about skayu trip..? hehehee.. or volcano stip.. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

How about next week we go to sekayu or Kenyir?? I planned with couple of kids here becoz they in a school holidays that time. If you want to join too, then come here on Thursday to have meeting hehe


I wanna tag along. Can I Mr Forumer??? Sekayu has nice waterfalls...Wanna take lots of
photos there...


Sure sure, u are welkomen. U can take how many photos that u want. But for how long i must wait for you? :-?

Wait till my magic carpet gets repaired...

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