I started installed Linux Ubuntu yesterday

Maybe it's so late for me to equip my PC with Linux but whatever i succeed installed Linux Ubuntu 8.04 - The Hardy Heron , that was released in April 2008. It is quite fussy to install it and far more harder than installing Windows. I installed it within Windows XP after downloaded the .iso free file from ubuntu.com . And what is my guide? I just read writings on the internet as my guidance.

Seriously, i don't ever learn Linux from somewhere else before. And i don't ever watch somebody use Linux. All i did before i installed Linux Ubuntu yesterday is reading on the internet and try and error yesterday. So what i can tell here is, installing Linux is not so hard anymore.

So my PC now has 2 Operating System (OS), and i can choose which one at the boot process when it display OS choice. Ubuntu 8.04 load faster than my Windows XP, i can feel the different obviously. I was satisfied so far with Linux Ubuntu even though there are still lots of lackness and so fussy to handle. I think this is usual for a newbie and i hope i will become better and better and get used to it.

There are still many tasks that we must use keyboard typing especially when we want to install programs. Not like Windows, usually we must type the commands when we want to install programs in Ubuntu (but we can also install directly with double click the setup icon, most of them). Windows is user friendly about this matter, only it cannot be compared with Linux because Linux is FREE but Windows is a commercial product. So i think, we cannot blame Linux because of still not so user friendly because it is an open source program and is FREE to use.

But it is an advantage too why we must type commands before install the programs like this. Maybe it's because of the security reason. It is more safer to act manually of many things and can avoid from virus attack. Haaaa, one thing for sure, i don't have to install Antivirus in Linux. It has its own protection from viruses and malwares in its own way. I still cannot explain how but i think i understand a bit of it. Maybe after i fully understand of it, i will write again in this blog someday. Whatever, you can still install antivirus for linux version into Linux.

We don't have to be so afraid with the codes because usually, the website that provide the program that you want to install will provide the codes too. So we just type what they gave, and usually it is just a short and easy to remember codes.

And for more protection, Linux will always ask you for a security password. The password that had been asked you to create at the beginning of the Linux installation. Maybe this is not comfortable for certain people, but this is a good way in protecting your PC from viruses and malwares attack, actually.

Surfing the internet is faster in Linux than surfing in Windows XP. It is my own personal experience, maybe it is different with other people experience.

And what is really interesting with Linux Ubuntu is the effects. There are many effects in their desktop and after installing Compiz Fusion, Beryl or whatever effects manager, the Linux desktop is full with animation and cool effects. My favourite is Desktop Cube effect, where the destop can be switch to 4 and we can change and rotate the desktop in cube formation. You can see the example of the animation and effects in the video below;

Ubuntu 8.04 - Hardy Heron + Compiz Fusion

There are a few problems that i encountered after using Linux in these 2 days. My first problem is related to graphic card. I found out that my Nvidia GeForce 8500GT graphic card is still not support with the effects in Linux Ubuntu 8.04. The effects can be executed but the resolution is just at 640 x 480, and cannot be adjust to higher resolution. I searched in the net, and found out that Nvidia still not produce driver for GeForce 8500GT that support Linux Ubuntu 8.04.

So for now, i just can use the built in VGA, ATI Radeon Xpress 1250. So clearly there that a new Linux still is not a good OS for the latest graphic card. Maybe PC Gamers will not make Linux as a good choice for their OS.

And there are couples more small problems that i think it's because of i'm still new to it. And i will tell about Linux next time insyaAllah when i have opportunity. That's all for now about my experience of using Linux Ubuntu 8.04 in just 2 days. Still new and fresh to tell more. Have a nice days ahead and all the best :)



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