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There is no doubt that Google is the best search engine ever. There are so many reasons that can be included to prove that Google is the best in its genre. There are also other search engines used Google's engine. From my own experience, Google is the best. And Yahoo search engine is an alternative search engine for me when there is a problem or null in Google.

What is so important to me is , Google search engine give me the fastest results and the contents in its search engine is the most updated. There are many good blogs written in blogspot ( So search engine like Yahoo and other than Google, put those blogs at the back in their index. Usually, blogs from cannot take place in front page at Yahoo.

But of course Google put blogger's blog at the front page because owned by Google itself. Yahoo not treat well to

And Google also kind in searching pictures and images. They also put images from at the frontpage (especially when we search in Search Images mode), even though flickr is owned by Yahoo. But usually Yahoo just put at the frontpage images from flickr only. So Yahoo is not really kind about this matter.

Only Google is not good-looking like Yahoo and other search engines, but hey, what is so important for search engine to have a good look? The important is the service fast and have a quality of contents because we're just search for the certain websites, so let just the websites that we're searching for have a good-look :) Good look but not so up to date, less choice and slower service is not a good choice to me. All the best .......



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HI Forumer,
I am agree with you. Some time i search my own keywords in anthor search engine but i never found my Blog on there list, even i search for my blog Url it show not available. other search engines are really against Blog with google.
As you say google is more kind among all search engine.
That's why it is always #1 .

I agree that Google is a great search engine but I don't use Google exclusively for all my searches. I also use everytime I want to see things from another search engine's eyes.

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