Google Chrome - A new brilliant internet browser

Testing 1 2 3, wanna know what i'm testing now? I am testing a new Internet Browser called Google Chrome. If you still don't know what is Google Chrome, it is a new Internet browser that was launched by Google. Means, Google now has their own internet browser. They really want to conquer internet huh .......

So far, i think it is faster than any other browsers. It loads and surfs faster. But it is still lack of  a few functions like not supported stumble button yet. I think StumbleUpon still not creating Stumble button to this browser so the stumblers still cannot stumble with this browser.  

The design is quite simple but attractive. It looks like Netscape Navigator, only Google Chrome is more to blue while Navigator is more to black. I feel a bit awkward at the beginning of using it, maybe because it is still new. But now i'm getting more like to use it. 

From what i read from Google itself, the new browser can avoid browser crash when we are editing documents or composing an email. It is of course faster and javascript also can load faster. There are more security equipped and can avoid mass browser exploit. There are architectural changes in browser that can also avoid malwares. The tab system is really dynamic (there is animation when we drag to the left and right, and when we drag outside of a tab bar , it will become a new window, and we can put it back to the tab bar). The URL box also can be a search box , so it has 2 in 1 function. 

Google Chrome also included other browsers nice capability in one browser. In short, we can say Google Chrome is all nice functions of browsers in one browser, a total package. The thumbnail home-page is basically Opera's Speed Dial, and IE7 has had a thumbnail view for a couple of years. Chrome's InCognito is already in IE8 as InPrivate Browsing, and was in Safari 3 before. Omnibar is Firefox's Awesome bar, and couples more.

Furthermore, you can try download the browser and experience it  for yourself. And remember, use at your own risk. I'm just conveying a news here . All the best   :)  

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Oh dear.. I cant understand all the jargons but I would love to try this new 'toy'...

As long as its FAST and safe why not yeah??

Will meddle and get the hang of it..

Thanks for the info my fren...

I have dloaded this browser Mr Forumer...

Wohhhhh.. Its sure faster!!! Enjoy surfing... yahooo!!.. ooopppss.. shld be googleeeee!!!....

But..trying to familiarise myself with it though.

Thanks a million

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