PhotonSynthesis - solar charger arboreal

Vivien Muller has designed the PhotonSynthesis, a solar charger for all your gadgets, including iPod adapter, mini-USB adapter standard.

The best thing is the composition of the device, thus incorporating different pieces that you can ride more or less to your liking, connecting with each other through mini-jack. Once you have assembled the tree, 54 photovoltaic cells are responsible for capturing the sunlight during the day and stored in a battery, can connect gadgets at any time to reload.

Another remarkable feature is that you can lift the floor of the apparatus and saving gadgets connected underneath, as well as store cables while not in use.

For those who can not wait until someone decides to sell it, is an idea well as easy to make-your-project do the same, but to see who improves the design!

Via : Gizmodo

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