My latest 3d wallpapers design - Vol 3

I enclose here my latest design of 3d wallpapers. I posted them all at e-picworld blog and just want to share here a package of the latest. I hope you will like them and it is my pleasure if you download and use them as your desktop wallpaper or just for your own collection. All the best everybody! :)

Click the images to enlarge

3D Weird plants

islamic wallpaperCoconut trees in a pink sea

A winter scene , snow snow snow

3d islamic wallpapersCaladiums near waterfall stream

3d islamic wallpapersMushrooms in a desert

3d landscapes wallpapersTree of fruits mix

3D Abstract expression - Vol 3

Blood vessel

islamic wallpaperAtom version

3d islamic wallpaperThe right path

islamic wallpaperChrome balls

3D Metal sculptures

3d metal sculptures wallpaperSeeking for truth

metal sculptures wallpaperStop oppression please

Knowledge is like a light

human kindBe kind to mankind

3d metal sculptures wallpaperModesty is the best policy

3D Sculpture rooms

3D Metal sculpture room

3D glass sculpture room

3D wood sculpture room



Your wallpapers are beautiful and they give the best messages the world could ever have :-) Please keep it up!

Peace and thanx so much Gloria x, i appreciate dat. Hope u always in gud condition, have a nice days ahead and all the best. Peace and justice for all :)

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